ABOUT Cynna Z.

A up & comer actress, fashion designer Cynna Z aka Cynna Zeng. is looking to launch into the the growing ranks of North America's nouveau riche to boost sales.
During the 2017 -2018 IFSM fashion weekLA peroid this year , Cynna Z will officially launch in Los Angeles market with 3 fashion shows on the schulde board and also planning to opening of a fashion studio in downtown LA and production house in Canton , China, marking her new fashion venture within the North America region .

Cynna Z said that she will increase her reach in the north west market beside her Asia-Pacific within the coming year in response to the growing demand for fashion into the progressive economies of this high-growth region.
She said that the LA Fashion Studio was prompted by the continuing success of Cynna's other operations and the need to offer a permanent local site capable of efficiently coordinating and managing the growing volume of production into North america fashion markets by regional and international clients.

Cynna Z (Int'l) Group President Cynna Z , said: "Cynna Z.'s success as a global insight agency has always been based on having a strong on the ground' presence in the markets it fashion statements.
"As well as offering benefits to Yves Castaldi’s clients that are for the Chinese audience, our Shanghai fashion studio and production house will also offer significant advantages to international clients requesting regional insight within the context of a global campaign."
Parris CEO of Cynna Z( Int'l ) Group, said: " Cynna Z brand are already working with many licensing partners & clients that operate manufacture production and retail operation in the China market, or are looking to do so. We are delighted to align our offering with them."